Monthly Archives: September 2018

Easy does it – get fit, not injured! by Claire Sykes

…we have a tendency to get out and exercise, especially come spring, and we do this with great vigour and our cardiovascular fitness goes through the roof! awesome! we think…but it is at this time, our bodies are most vulnerable. Sometime after our parents pass away, we often learn a little more about them, than […]

A new partnership between Vitality® NZ and the Medical Centre Foltra.

The effects of Blackcurrant extract on the evolution and rehabilitation of a 6-year-old girl genetically diagnosed with Rett syndrome (RTT) is the ficus of a recently published report by Dr. Jesus Devesa (photo) and his team from the Medical Centre Foltra, in Spain. Rett syndrome is a rare genetic neurological and developmental disorder that affects the way the […]

Rosehip Cell: the new neuron scientists have recently discovered!

“The brain is a more diverse forest of bristling nodes and branching energies than even Ramón y Cajal* could have imagined.” *Spanish neuroanatomist Santiago  and Nobel Prize winner over 100 years ago who illustrated how neurons are responsible for the way we walk, talk and exist. “On Monday (27/08/2018), an international team of researchers introduced […]

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