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About Women’s Health

Hair loss is due to a variety of factors. Clinical research has found that New Zealand blackcurrant seed oil can drastically slow down hair thinning and balding in both men and women. Omega-3 ALA, Omega-6 GLA and have shown to individually inhibit 5-alpha-reductase combating balding, along with strengthening the currently growing hair follicles and minimizing dandruff.

Healthy skin depends solely on consistency and proper dietary intake of certain vitamins, minerals and the right form of essential fatty acids. Omega 6 GLA supplement, such as New Zealand blackcurrant seed oil, is a natural treatment that will balance the production without any side-effects.

Stronger nails benefit as Omega 6 GLA is a precursor for some of the ceramides that form the skin’s protection barriers, including the scalp and cuticles. Omega 6 GLA helps resolve the inflammation associated with damaged and dried cuticles, thereby promoting nail health and growth.

Additionally, the human body is constantly exposed to pollution, poor nutrition, ageing and stress, each of which will increase the risk of oxidative stress. In vitro and in vivo trials have shown the benefits of one major anthocyanin component (cyanidin-3O-glucoside) present in New Zealand blackcurrant for lung health and to relieve allergic reactions1.

Human trials have shown that women consuming New Zealand blackcurrant seed oil from 8 to 12 weeks pregnancy will lessen the likelihood of the newborn infant having any form of allergies by 47%2. Significant clinical research has shown that supplemental GLA can be extremely beneficial in rebalancing GLA levels, regulating hormone levels, providing allergy resistance and relieving symptoms of certain diseases.

The Blackcurrant Seed Oil (BCSO) is highly rich in the essential fatty acids (EFAs), which promote and maintain the human body’s vital functions. The benefit of taking blackcurrant seed oil have been well-documented for years. These benefits derive from the fact that the (BCSO) is an excellent source of the (EFAs). (n-6 and n-3, both playing a crucial role in brain function and in the normal growth and development of the body. The (BCSO) supplies a complete and synergistically balanced form of gamma-linoleic acid (GLA; n-6) in combination with at least 12 other fatty acids – including the essential  linoleic acid (LA; n-6) and the alpha linolenic acid, (ALA; n-3). As emphasised on by the late Prof. D.F. Horrobin: “In order to express their normal biological effect, n-3 EFAs must be given with n-6 EFAs.”

At the initial onset of menopause, the body reduces estrogen production, which may cause a hormonal imbalance and lead to related symptoms including hot flushes, night sweats, depression and fatigue.  Supplemental (gamma-linoleic acid) GLA from NZ blackcurrants will reduce breast tenderness, inflammation, and irritability associated with menopause and pre-menopause.

When young women begin ovulation, and with that, comes severe side effects that can return monthly. The most common symptoms include bloating, abdominal and back pain, changes in appetite, breast tenderness, depression and irritability. It is estimated that more than 90% of all women experience some form of physical or emotional side effects before and during ovulation, and these symptoms have become known as premenstrual syndrome, or PMS.
This monthly hormonal swing severely disrupts the body’s production of GLA, and research has associated PMS symptoms with GLA deficiencies. The body metabolizes GLA into hormone-like compounds that regulate body processes at the cellular level. Hence the need for supplementation with Women’s Health.

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