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Blackcurrant seed oil as a nutritional supplement intended for preventing and/or combating the harmful effects of xenobiotics on the skin… particular on the skin’s immune system.”

That is what a team of US researchers found and eventually filled for patent rights in 2003.

According to their research available onlineDominique Castelli and Nathalie Issachar carried out a set of trials to test the effects of a combination of Blackcurrant seed oil (BCSO) and other compounds, such as β-carotene, lycopene, tocopherol and its derivatives, tocotrienols and their derivatives, ascorbic acid and nicotinamide, on the prevention of skin damage caused by every-day exposure to pollutants and other xenobiotic substances. These are substances that are present all around us in the environment, in pesticides, pollutants, tobacco or even the sun (UV).

Castelli & Issachar found that skin damage is greatly reduced in people who customarily have Blackcurrant seed oil combined with one of the above-mentioned compounds. The scientists also confirm that a long-term use of combined BCSO  and vitamins, for instance, can significantly improve skin’s immune system, thus preventing the formation of free radicals, photo-ageing or skin tumors.  

The composition according to the invention can be in the form of gel capsules, soft capsules, sugar-coated or plain tablets, including delayed forms, suitable for oral administration. These compounds can also be found in fruit, vegetables and fish.

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