A Key Brain Nutrient

World First Discovery in NZ Blackcurrants

Will Benefit Ageing Body and Mind

New Zealand Blackcurrants naturally contain a high level of a Key Brain Nutrient – cyclic Glycine-Proline (cGP) – which is beneficial to the ageing body and mind.

Dr Jian

Associate Professor Dr Jian Guan-MD. PhD from the University of Auckland Centre for Brain Research found New Zealand Blackcurrants contain high levels of cyclic Glycine-Proline (cGP) Key Brain Nutrient that normalises the insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) function, a key to whole body health, wellness and brain fitness hormone. 

Dr. Guan, who has researched (cGP) for nearly 30 years, says low levels of (cGP) are commonly found in people with age-related issues. “(cGP) can decline with age, so the high natural levels of (cGP) in New Zealand Blackcurrants can help maintain these levels.”

Dr. Guan says “I like to call it maintenance of ageing. This finding about New Zealand Blackcurrants is very exciting because it is something completely natural with the ability to maintain and support a healthy ageing body and mind.” 

Dr. Guan came across “the power of New Zealand Blackcurrants” by chance when researching levels of (cGP) in patients who had New Zealand Blackcurrants added to their diets. She found increased levels of (cGP) after 4 weeks of a daily measured amount of Blackcurrant. 

Our bodies produce the Key Brain Nutrient (cGP) naturally. (cGP) is essential for maintaining the function of an ageing body and mind. Deficient (cGP) function can lead to early onset and more rapid progress of brain ageing and other age-related conditions.

Vitality® New Zealand (Brain Shield® ) is a patented natural plant-based solution made from New Zealand Blackcurrants with other nutrients that have been specifically formulated to deliver the average daily dose required to maintain an optimum level of the Key Brain Nutrient (cGP) in the body as we age.

Vitality® New Zealand’s patented Blackcurrant-based product (Brain Shield®).

GMO, Gluten & Dairy Free

cGP/IGF-1 Function Chart

“New Zealand Blackcurrants-Best Berry for Life”

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