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NZ Blackcurrant Plant Breeding Program

From Planting to Harvest: Geoff Langford, founder of Berryworld, talks about his New Zealand Blackcurrant breeding program at Plant & Food Research, in Lincoln (Canterbury).

Geoff and Jim have a chat about how new blackcurrant varieties naturally emerge through a process called “crossing” which leads to the growth and selection of the best New Zealand blackcurrant plants for the market.

Seedlings are carefully selected and grown in the nurseries at Plant & Food Research. They are later planted in the field and the best producers are later selected for breeding, and so on. This selection process, says Geoff, takes about 10 to 12 years for a new marketable blackcurrant variety to emerge!

The entire process, from plants to grow and start producing fruit, takes about 15 years. It all occurs naturally and all these amazing researchers do is select the best producing plants and also most resistant to diseases for the breeding program. GMO-free!

Excellent stuff!