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NZ Blackcurrants speed up fat burn in women by 27%

Recent scientific study supports that NZ blackcurrant extract can speed up fat burn in women. Professor Mark Willems, from the University of Chichester, said: ‘It is great to know that there are now observations of enhanced exercise-induced fat oxidation by New Zealand blackcurrant extract in endurance trained women and men.

Prof. Williems has published several studies on the positive effects of New Zealand Blackcurrant extract on increased oxygenation in the cells during workout (see our Research page: The high levels of anthocyanins found in NZ Blackcurrants especially have now been linked to enhanced fat oxidation in men and women alike. These factors also increase sports performance in athletes, who have reported to tire less and to feel less muscle pain during and after workouts.

These results can potentially benefit those who are not as active as athletes, says Dr Shepherd, from Liverpool John Moores University and author of the current study. The polyphenols present in NZ blackcurrants are likely responsible for the observed effects in increased blood flow and fat burn that can help people with Type 2 Diabetes. “Unhealthy people have a reduced capacity for fat burning compared to healthy people and therefore, in theory, the supplement could potentially exert at least a similar or greater effect in unhealthy individuals.” Dr Shepherd says.