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The UV rays of New Zealand: Ideal for NZ Blackcurrant berries

The strong UV rays found in New Zealand are one of the key contributors to the high quality of the NZ blackcurrant berry.


Contributing factors to New Zealand’s high UV strength includes the country’s proximity to Antarctica, the pure air quality and very low humidity levels.

With small amounts of natural contaminates in our atmosphere, the UV rays are able to reach the surface of the berry (skin) without being scattered or absorbed into the air, as is the case with many continental climates.

It is well known that all plants, including fruits and vegetables, generate natural substances to protect themselves from their growing environment.

For the NZ blackcurrant berry protection comes in the form of phytochemicals known as Anthocyanins and Vitamin C

Because of this the NZ blackcurrant has the highest Anthocyanin and Vitamin-C content than any other blackcurrant grown on the globe.

“New Zealand Blackcurrant – Best berry for life”