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Content: 60 x 515mg soft gel soft-gel capsules

Benefits: Supports immune system in response to stress, clearer skin for natural complexion.

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Vitality™ New Zealand Complexion

Content: 60 x 515 mg soft-gel capsules

Ingredients: 100% NZ grown and processed 35% Blackcurrant Extract (515 mg/capsule = 120 mg of 35% Blackcurrant Extract + 320mg NZ Blackcurrant seed oil + 30mg Tocomin 50% equivalent Tocotrienols 15mg).


FAQ – Do we need to take it with food? It can be taken either way, with or without food.

Vitality™ New Zealand are proud to introduce our special formulation for overall good health. In Complexion, we give you a very unique combination of the wonderful properties from the miraculous blend of 35% New Zealand blackcurrant extract and essential fatty acid oils from the blackcurrant seed. With the cold press processing of the golden blackcurrant seed oil, Vitality™ New Zealand Complexion is a special formulation for good health of skin, hair and nails as well as hormonal balance and the suppression of acne and pimples.

Asthenopia or eye strain is another malady that afflicts modern society, brought on by concentrated use of the eyes for visual tasks (computers, television etc.). Supplementing our daily diet with antioxidant anthocyanins can help support against eye strain symptoms, such as red eyes and headaches. Here at Vitality™ New Zealand we have developed a process to encapsulate a NZ Blackcurrant berry extract combined with NZ Blackcurrant seed oil into a easy-to-use oval soft gel.  Two out of the four major anthocyanins found in New Zealand blackcurrant, delphinidin-3-rutinoside (D3R) and cyanidin-3-rutinoside (C3R), mixed with essential fatty acid oils Omega 3, 6 and 9 will deliver health benefits to all age groups. Because the Omega oils are from a New Zealand blackcurrant fruit source (rather than fish) this is ideal for vegetarians.

The health benefits of anthocyanins are outstanding but the benefits aren’t confined to anthocyanin as the Blackcurrant berry has good levels of potassium, phosphorus, iron, manganese and Vitamin B5, and a broad range of other essential nutrients.

The soft gel capsules of Vitality™ New Zealand Complexion contain this pure blackcurrant seed oil with the highest level of GLA, a unique Omega 6 and ALA Omega 3 fatty acid with amazing health properties. GLA is a natural chemical that helps regulate hormone levels and prostaglandin production in the human body. These are key factors in supporting human health. The benefits aren’t limited to GLA, though. The NZ blackcurrant seed oil also includes significant amounts of other Omega-3 (ALA), 6 (GLA) and 9 (SDA) oils. This is much more efficiently converted to EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) within the human body, which is so wonderfully beneficial to your health wellness balance.

Complexion with its unique active compounds, including anthocyanins, polyphenols, vitamins, nutrients, micro-nutrients and Omega 3 (ALA), 6 (GLA) and 9 (SDA), is the perfect combination to fulfill your immune system requirements in one easy-to-take soft-gel capsule. Recommended dose is one to two of the 515 mg soft-gel capsules a day.


“New Zealand Blackcurrant – Best berry for life”


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