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Here’s some independent Scientific research compiled from several peer-reviewed Journals to support the nutritional benefits of the New Zealand Blackcurrant.

TitleAuthorshipJournalYearHealth BenefitsAccess*
Biomarker and Methods for Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's DiseaseAnnegret Feuerhelm-HeidlPub.No. US2016/0334422 A12016Brain HealthPatents - full article
Acute effects of apple and blackcurrant polyphenol-rich extracts on postprandial glycaemia and vascular function in healthy men and womenCastro-Costa et al.Proceedings of the Nutrition Society2016Heart and Weight Management
Blackcurrant Alters Physiological Responses and Femoral Artery Diameter during Sustained Isometric ContractionCook et al.Nutrients2017Heart and Weight Managementfull article
Dose effects of New Zealand blackcurrant on substrate oxidation and physiological responses during prolonged cyclingCook et al.European Journal of Applied Physiology2017Muscle Performancefull article
Cardiovascular function during supine rest in endurance-trained males with New Zealand blackcurrant: a dose–response studyCook et al.European Journal of Appl.Phys.2016Heart and Weight Managementfull article
Reversal of cognitive decline: A novel therapeutic programDale E. BredesenAging (Albany NY)2014Brain Healthfull article
Effect of Black Currant Anthocyanins on the Activation of Endothelial
Nitric Oxide Synthase (eNOS) in Vitro in Human Endothelial Cells
Edirisinghe et al.Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry2011Heart and Weight Management
Black Currant Anthocyanins Attenuate Weight Gain and Improve Glucose Metabolism in Diet-Induced Obese MiceEsposito et al.J. Agric. Food Chem2015Heart and Weight Managementfull article
Diet Fat Composition Alters membrane Phospholipid Composition, Insulin Binding, and Glucose MetabolismField et al.The Journal of Bio. Chemistry1990Heart and Weight Managementfull article
The health benefits of blackcurrantsGopalan et al. Food Function2012General Health
Blackcurrant proanthocyanidins augment IFN-c-induced
suppression of IL-4 stimulated CCL26 secretion
in alveolar epithelial cells
Hurst et al.Mol. Nutr. Food Res2010Allergies
Black Currant Nectar Reduces Muscle Damage and
Inflammation Following a Bout of High-Intensity
Eccentric Contractions
Hutchison et al.Journal of Dietary Supplements2016Muscle Performance
Disparate metabolic effects of blackcurrant seed oil in rats fed a basal and obesogenic dietJurgon´sk et al.European Journal of Nutrition2015Heart and Weight Managementfull article
Blueberry, blackberry, and blackcurrant differentially affect plasma lipids and pro-inflammatory markers in diet-induced obesity miceKim et al.Nutrition Research and Practice2016Heart and Weight Management, Immunology
Research progress of natural antioxidants in foods for the treatment of diseasesLi et al.Food Science and Human Wellness2014General Healthfull article
Beneficial effects of berry fruit polyphenols
on neuronal and behavioral aging
Lau et al.Journal of Sci Food Agric2006Brain Health
Flavonoid Intake and Cognitive Decline over a 10-Year PeriodLetenneur et al.American Journal of Epidemiology2007Brain Health
Blackcurrant seed oil for prevention of atopic dermatitis in newborns: randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.Linnamaa et al.Clinical & Experimental Allergy2010Allergies
Short-term blackcurrant extract consumption modulates exercise-induced oxidative stress and lipopolysaccharide-stimulated inflammatory responsesLyall et al.American Journal of Physiology2009Muscle Performance
Orally administrated delphinidin 3-rutinoside and cyanidin 3-rutinoside are directly absorbed in rats and humans and appears in the blood as the intact
Matsumoto et al.J Agric Food Chemistry2001Heart and Weight Management
Blackcurrant cultivar polyphenolic extracts suppress CCL26 secretion from alveolar epithelial cellsNyanhanda et al.RSC Publishing of The Royal Society of Chemistry2013Allergies
A review of clinical trials using BlackcurrantsNZ Blackcurrant Coop Lt.2009
RCT of the effect of berryfruit polyphenolic cultivar extract in mild steroid-naive asthma: a cross-over, placebo-controlled studyPower et al.BMJ Open2017Allergiesfull article
A novel diketopiperazine improves functional recoveryRVM Krishnamurthi et alBritish Journal of Pharmacology2009Brain Healthfull article
Anthocyanins. Plant Pigments and BeyondSantos-Buelga et al.J. Agric. Food Chemistry2014General Health
Blackcurrant anthocyanins modulate CCL11 secretion
and suppress allergic airway inflammation
Shaw et al.Mol. Nutr. Food Res2017Allergies
Black currant seed oil and fish oil supplements differ in their effects on fatty acid profiles of plasma lipidsTahvonen et al.Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry2005Heart and Weight Managementfull article
Effect of flavonoids on learning, memory and
neurocognitive performance: relevance and
potential implications for Alzheimer’s disease
Vauzour, DavidJ Sci Food Agriculture2014Brain Health
Anthocyanin-enriched bilberry and blackcurrant extracts modulate amyloid precursor protein processing and elevate behavioral abnormalities in the APP/PS1 mouse modeled Alzheimer's disease Vepsalainen et al.Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry2013Brain Health
Acute supplementation with blackcurrant
extracts modulates cognitive functioning and
inhibits monoamine oxidase-B in healthy
young adults
Watson et al.Journal of Functional Foods2015Brain Health
Acute supplementation with BC extracts…Watson et al. 2015Journal of Functional Foods2015Brain Health
Beneficial physiological effects with blackcurrant intake in endurance athletesWillems et al.Int. Journal of Sport Nut. And Exerc2014Muscle Performancefull article
Beneficial Physiological Effects with Blackcurrant Intake in Endurance AthletesWilliems at alInt. Journal of Sport Nut. And Exerc2015Muscle Performancerequest a copy
Beneficial Effects of New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract on Maximal Sprint Speed during the Loughborough Intermittent Shuttle TestWilliems et al.Sports2016Muscle Performancefull article
Beneficial effects on fasting insulin and postprandial responses through 7-day intake of New Zealand blackcurrant powderWilliems et al.Functional Foods in Health and Disease2017Heart and Weight Managementfull article
Comparative assessment of distribution of blackcurrant anthocyanins in rabbit and rat ocular tissuesMatsumoto et al.Experimental Eye Research2006Eye Sight
Plant-derived foods for the attenuation of allergic airway inflammation.Nyanhanda et al.Current Pharmaceutical Design2014Allergiesrequest a request a copycopy
Effects of Black Currant Anthocyanins
on Intraocular Pressure in Healthy Volunteers
and Patients with Glaucoma
Ohguro et al. Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics2013Eye Sight
A Gastrointestinally Digested Ribes nigrum L. Fruit Extract Inhibits
Inflammatory Response in a Co-culture Model of Intestinal Caco‑2
Cells and RAW264.7 Macrophages
Olejnik et al.Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry2016Antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory effects
Delphinidin 3‐rutinoside‐rich blackcurrant extract ameliorates glucose tolerance by increasing the release of glucagon‐like peptide‐1 secretionTani et al.Food Science & Nutrition2017Heart and Weight Managementfull article
Recent Progress in Anti-Obesity and Anti-Diabetes
Effect of Berries
Tsuda, TakanoriAntioxidants (Basel)2016Heart and Weight Managementfull article
Effect of dietary supplementation with black currant seed oil on the immune response of healthy elderly subjectsWu et al.The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition1999Antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory effects; Immunologyfull article
Black Currant Anthocyanins Normalized Abnormal
Levels of Serum Concentrations of Endothelin-1
in Patients with Glaucoma
Yoshida et al.Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics2013Eye Sight
Black currant polyphenols: Their storage stability and microencapsulationBakowska-Barczak, A.M. & Kolodziejczyk, P.P.Industrial Crops and Products2010General Health
Anthocyanins from Black Currants (Ribes nigrum L.)Slimestad, R. & Solheim, H.Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry2002Antioxidant activity
High molecular weight polysaccharides from black currant seeds inhibit adhesion of Helicobacter pylori to human gastric mucosa.Lengsfeld C. et al.Planta Medica2004Antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory effectsfull article
Polysaccharides as Bacterial Antiadhesive Agents and “Smart” Constituents for Improved Drug Delivery Systems Against Helicobacter pylori InfectionMenchicchi, Bianca; Hensel, Andreas; M. Goycoolea, FranciscoCurrent Pharmaceutical Design2015Antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory effectsabstract only
Nutritional supplement based on blackcurrent seed oilCastelli et al.Patent N0.:
(45) Date of Patent:
US 6,589,535 B2
Jul. 8,2003
2003Skin and general Cosmetic benefitsPatents - full article
Effect of New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract on
Performance during the Running Based Anaerobic
Sprint Test in Trained Youth and Recreationally
Active Male Football Players
Godwin et al.Sports2017Muscle Performancefull article
Effect of New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract on
Repeated Cycling Time Trial Performance
Murphy et al.Sports2017Muscle Performance, Heart and Weight Managementfull article
Complementary, Alternative,
and Integrative Therapies (CAIT)
Gellis, Janice E. Pain Medicine2017Antioxidant activityfull article
Beneficial effects on fasting insulin and postprandial responses through 7-day intake of New Zealand blackcurrant powderWillems et al.Functional Foods in Health and Disease2017Heart and Weight Managementfull article
Supplementation of Blackcurrant Anthocyanins
Increased Cyclic Glycine-Proline in the Cerebrospinal
Fluid of Parkinson Patients: Potential Treatment to
Improve Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 Function
Fan et al.Nutrients2018Brain healthFull article nutrients-10-00714 (1)
Plasma cyclic glycine proline/IGF-1 ratio predicts clinical
outcome and recovery in stroke patients
Fan et al.Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology2019Brain healthFull article Fan_et_al-2019-Annals_of_Clinical_and_Translational_Neurology
Cyclic glycine-proline regulates IGF-1 homeostasis by altering the binding of IGFBP-3 to IGF-1Guan et al.Scientific Reports2014Brain HealthFull article
Rett Syndrome: Treatment with IGF-1, Melatonin,
3 Blackcurrant Extracts, and Rehabilitation.
Devesa et al.Preprints ( healthfull article
Vascular Remodelling is Impaired in Parkinson DiseaseYang et al.Journal of
Alzheimer’s Disease & Parkinsonism
2017Brain HealthFull article
Endothelial Degeneration of Parkinson’s Disease is Related to AlphaSynuclein AggregationYang et al.Journal of
Alzheimer’s Disease & Parkinsonism
2017Brain HealthFull article
Vascular Degeneration in Parkinson’s DiseaseGuan et al.Brain Pathology2013Brain HealthFull article bpa628
String Vessel Formation is Increased in the Brain of Parkinson DiseaseYang et al.Journal of Parkinson's disease.2015Brain HealthAbstract only
Consumption of an Anthocyanin-Rich
Extract Made From New Zealand
Blackcurrants Prior to Exercise May
Assist Recovery From Oxidative
Stress and Maintains Circulating
Neutrophil Function: A Pilot Study
Hurst et al.Frontiers in Nutrition2019Oxidative stress, physical exercise, Muscle Performance, Heart healthfull article