Brain Shield™

Benefits: World First Discovery in New Zealand Blackcurrants. A key brain nutrient will benefit ageing body and mind.


Short Description: Vitality® New Zealand Brain Shield™ is a patented natural plant-based solution made from New Zealand Blackcurrants with other nutrients that have been specifically formulated to deliver the average daily dose required to maintain an optimum level of the Key Brain Nutrient (cGP) in the body as we age.


Benefits: Supports immune system in response to stress, clearer skin for natural complexion.

Short Description: Vitality® New Zealand are proud to introduce our special formulation for overall good health. In Complexion, we give you a very unique combination of the wonderful properties from the miraculous blend of 35% New Zealand blackcurrant extract and essential fatty acid oils from the blackcurrant seed. With the cold press processing of the golden blackcurrant seed oil, Vitality® New Zealand Complexion is a special formulation for good health of skin, hair and nails as well as hormonal balance and the suppression of acne.

Asthenopia or eye strain is another malady that afflicts modern society, brought on by concentrated use of the eyes for visual tasks (computers, television etc.). Supplementing our daily diet with antioxidant anthocyanins can help prevent or mitigate eye strain symptoms, such as red eyes and headaches.

Eye Sight

Benefits: Contains Vitamin A and anthocyanins important for maintaining eye health and vision.

Short Description: New Zealand blackcurrants are known to have the highest anthocyanin content in the world. It has been proven the most effective out of the four major anthocyanins found in New Zealand blackcurrants are the same D3R and C3R needed for good eye health. These two account for up to 92% of the total anthocyanin content of Vitality® New Zealand blackcurrant extract.

Vitality® New Zealand Eye Sight has been developed to deliver constant anthocyanin, in addition Vitamin A, Lutein and Zeaxanthin to maintain eye health and vision, particularly in preventing cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Muscle Performance

Benefits: Supports muscle performance, recovery, accelerates internal fat burn.

Short Description: Vitality® New Zealand Muscle Performance has been developed for specific enhance blood flow to reduce muscle inflammation especially after intensive exercise. Vitality® New Zealand Muscle Performance supports fast recovery post workout, relieves pain and inflammation of muscles by reducing.

Continued research has proven that anthocyanins enhance muscle performance. It is based on a formulation of the highest grade of extract from the New Zealand blackcurrant. New Zealand blackcurrants are the most nutrient dense, anthocyanin rich blackcurrant berry in the world and the blackcurrant berry has the highest concentration of natural anthocyanin antioxidant of all sources.

Womens Health

Benefits: Relieves pre-menstrual, menopausal and hormonal stress. Enhances hair, skin and nail health.

Short Description: With the cold press processing of the golden blackcurrant seed oil, Vitality® New Zealand has developed a special formulation from the unique properties for the good health of skin, hair and nails, as well as hormonal balance.

Hair loss is due to a variety of factors. Clinical research has found that New Zealand blackcurrant seed oil can drastically stop hair thinning and balding in both men and women. Omega-3 ALA, Omega-6 GLA and have proven to individually inhibit 5-alpha-reductase combating balding, along with strengthening the currently growing hair follicles and eliminating dandruff.

Healthy skin depends solely on consistency and proper dietary intake of certain vitamins, minerals and the right form of essential fatty acids. Omega 6 GLA supplement, such as New Zealand blackcurrant seed oil, is a natural treatment that will balance the production with significantly lower side-effects than over-the-counter and prescription medication.