New Zealand is known for the taste, colour and quality of its food coupled with its beautiful environment. So, here at Vitality® New Zealand, we wish to tell our story not only to New Zealanders but to the world.

Vitality® New Zealand’s Directors, several years ago, saw and understood the importance of supplementing our diets with an antioxidant known as an Anthocyanin derived from NZ blackcurrant extract and how these anthocyanins can help our bodies fight toxins for a balanced life of wellness. So, their quest for the best source of anthocyanins led them to investigate further the benefits of New Zealand blackcurrant. They investigated several scientific research papers and worked with a number of independent researchers that proved that NZ blackcurrant have the highest anthocyanin levels of berry fruit around the world and therefore can offer the best health benefits. Vitality® New Zealand has created a line of products derived from NZ blackcurrant extract and seed oil to be made available to everyone as a healthier alternative to the extensive use of antibiotics that pervade modern society. By consuming plant-based anthocyanins in combination vitamins and minerals, as well as essential fatty acids such as Omega 3, 6 and 9, the team at Vitality® New Zealand want to share with the world all the health benefits of New Zealand blackcurrant that their families and themselves have been benefitting for years.

Origin is very important to us at Vitality® New Zealand and for you our consumers. Therefore, we only process from crops grown, manufactured and packaged in New Zealand, to the highest global food safety and health standards. By sourcing New Zealand grown crops, we can guarantee the quality of our products through a comprehensive track and trace software package, these processes will definitely contribute to health and wellness of you our consumers.

We do include vitamins and nutrients from international sources but they have had to be approved by the rigorous Certification of Analysis testing regimes.

Non-Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) are a bottom line requirement for Vitality® New Zealand products. Therefore, we have investigated all plant breeding traits to ensure our products are GMO free.