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Why VitalityNZ

Powerful supplements provided by nature

Vitalitynz supplements come from one of the most versatile, sustainable and nutritious berry fruits known to our species – The New Zealand Blackcurrant.

New Zealand Blackcurrants are rich in antioxidants, anthocyanins, polyphenols, cyclic-Glycine-Proline(cGP) and three essential fatty acids – balanced Omega 3, 6 and 9 and packed full of highly beneficial nutrients and vitamins.
Vitalitynz can meet the health demands of a world actively sourcing plant based natural solutions, grown in a sustainable way that is good for the environment and fits today’s health and wellness expectations.

Meet the founders and share their passion

The founders of, Jim Grierson and David Eder’s passion for the Blackcurrant come from a long-term involvement in the industry. Active in everything from crop growing to export, they take immense pride in their industry, in the land and the processes farmers use to grow and maintain the crops that contribute to New Zealanders health, wellness and to the economy.

Working with this amazing berry fruit for many years, Jim and David repeatedly witness anecdotal evidence proving there was powerful health benefits at play, all derived from the abundant antioxidant known as Anthocyanins, derived from New Zealand Blackcurrant concentrate, extract and seed oil.

These anthocyanins help our bodies fight radical toxins and balance health and wellness.

A dose of reality with a friend in need

Several years ago, a close friend of theirs, Tony, began suffering from the shakes, it was Parkinson’s disease, and they knew dementia would likely follow close behind. Tony’s wife and family were distressed.

Jim and David jumped to offer help; promising their friend they were developing something good and he should give it a go. They gave their mate a rich blackcurrant concentrate supplement they had been developing and nervously waited and watched.

It wasn’t long before they witness outstanding results. Within three weeks Tony reported that his shaking slowly subsided and he was stabilizing. Seeing their friend again they could not believe the difference.

Their supplement was able to slow the process of decline and give back to their friend and his family time and a life that was slowly slipping away.

They also discovered on this journey that treatment in these very important areas of brain health can cost the country hundreds of millions per year. Jim and David knew they could help people for a tiny fraction of that cost.

A journey of scientific discovery to wellbeing

Passionate about helping people, being able to help their mate Tony strengthened their resolve.

Their vision was to be able to make whole health supplements that were safe and natural ailment interventions. Most importantly, they wanted to make interventions that would be affordable to everyone.

Jim and David began investing heavily in the science and research needed to discover, isolate and harness these amazing health benefits. They employed one of New Zealand’s leading Bio-health research Universities to help.

They were highly successful, and the resulting research enabled them to develop Brain Shield™ a novel patented natural brain health product solution. Brain Shield™ contains cyclic Glycine Proline (cGP) a key brain nutrient that normalizes the Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) an essential whole of body growth and brain function hormone. IGF-1 is vital for improving the brain signaling pathways.

Vitalitynz’s range of unique health supplements are backed by pre-clinical and clinical research giving you the consumer the best possible product range to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Now hundreds of people are enjoying the fruits of this clinical research.

The vision is to allow you to enjoy life and hold onto who you are.

To feel better, become more energized and embrace a healthy lifestyle at minimal cost.

The values held by Vitalitynz are simple:

  • We care deeply about the impact health issues can inflict on a family and the individual
  • To provide a healthier, natural safe alternative to the extensive use of antibiotics and harsh medicines that pervade modern society
  • Wake up each day feeling better, stronger and more motivated
  • Live life to the fullest
  • Created by Nature Proven by Science