Support your family’s health with the natural goodness of New Zealand blackcurrant berries.

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Harness the power of New Zealand blackcurrants.

Blackcurrant berries are an ancient superfood that grew, evolved and thrived in the wild through Europe and Asia. For centuries people have sought out these super berries for their health benefits.

Clinical peer-reviewed research shows that regular consumption of blackcurrant berries supports whole-body performance. 

  • Lifts the levels of a key brain nutrient (cGP) for better mental clarity, memory and mood.
  • Assists muscle performance, allowing you to train harder for longer with sustained muscle recovery.
  • Strengthens eye function and lessens visual fatigue.
  • Supports blood flow and blood circulation.


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New Zealand blackcurrants.
The world's best-kept secret.

  • High cGP levels in NZ Blackcurrants are unique for your brain function.
  • Full of vitamin C for strengthening the immune system, containing 4 x more than oranges.
  • Contain more anthocyanins than any other food, filled with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Rich in antioxidants for breaking down free radicals, containing 3 x more than blueberries.

Our products are changing lives

3 months of taking the Brainshield I have noticed more clarity and less ‘brain fuzz’. The fuzz came back after not taking the product for 3 days so I’m happy to be back on it. Also better sleep and feel less stressed. Amazing product!
Highest quality product, great results with the blackcurrant Brain Shield reducing my 7 year old's tremors and anxiety to almost nil, as he suffers from Angelman Syndrome. So impressed with the prompt service and answering all my questions.
I find Women’s Health improves my memory, energy levels and I feel happier pre and during menstruation. My skin is clearer, my nails are stronger and my hair feels thicker. I wouldn’t be without my daily dose.
My partner takes Active Health and it has made a significant difference to his calf muscle cramp he gets when playing rugby, he takes 2 capsules an hour before the game and doesn't get cramp compared to when he doesn't have it. Would 100% recommend!
As I am living with Parkinson’s it is hard to quantify the changes, since taking Brain Shield for the past four months I am definitely feeling better than previously.

The power of blackcurrants in one convenient capsule

These superfruits have harnessed nature's energy and condensed its goodness directly into its intensely purple skins, pulp, and seeds.

Our supplement family is the result of careful extraction, concentration, and scientific formulation. Each product is unique, with capsules bursting with ingredients that target major health issues.

One berry, one superfood, seven supplements? Here's why!

Harnessing the power of the whole blackcurrant
The blackcurrant fruit delivers the brain power
Antioxidants and Anthocyanins like no other in the skin
Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) in the seeds