Supercharge Your Vitality With The Natural Benefits Of New Zealand Blackcurrants

Supporting Brain Function, Complexion, Eye Sight, Muscle Performance and Women’s Health


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Brain Health


Benefits: Supports normal neurological function, inhibits monoamine oxidase-B in healthy adults.



Benefits:  Supports immune system in response to stress, clearer skin for natural complexion.

Eye Sight


Benefits: Contains Vitamin A and anthocyanins important for maintaining eye health and vision.

Muscle Performance


Benefits: Supports muscle performance, recovery, accelerates internal fat burn.

Womens Health


Benefits:  Relieves pre-menstrual, menopausal and hormonal stress. Enhances hair, skin and nail health.

All our products are GMO FREE, GLUTEN FREE & DAIRY FREE

New Zealand Blackcurrants: best berry for life

What Makes NZ Blackcurrants One Of The World's Most Sought After SUPERFOOD?

High In Antioxidants

Blackcurrants are well known for their high levels of vitamin C, but they also contain a range of other important antioxidants, including vitamins A and E. 

In fact, NZ blackcurrants score over 50% higher than blueberries in ORAC testing (the most recognized antioxidant testing method).

Increases Circulation

Blackcurrants are shown to increase circulation due to their vasodilation properties (ability to widen the blood vessels).

This makes them useful in treating hypertension and improving blood flow to the brain and increasing sports performance.

Improves Sleep

Blackcurrants help promote better sleep due to their high magnesium content. 

Magnesium is a mineral that improves the duration, quality and tranquility of sleep. Blackcurrants also help regulate the metabolism, and so assist in the treatment of sleep disorders.

Burns Fat

Not only do blackcurrants have a low glycemic index, they also increase the metabolism and help turn fat into energy.

This is useful not only for weight loss, but also to increase sports performance and recovery. (Many professional athletes now swear by blackcurrants ability to give them the edge.)

Supports Brain Function

Blackcurrants have a range of nutrients to your brain in several ways. These include antioxidants and vasodilators, essential fatty acids, B vitamins and anthocyanin.

Together they help increase focus, improve memory, reduce brain fog and help protect against the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease.

Healthier Gut

Blackcurrants are rich in anthocyanin, which has been shown to help promote certain gut bacteria essential to digestive health.

New Zealand Grown

New Zealand’s South Island has optimal conditions for Blackcurrant growing. Cold winter temperatures and strong sunlight with high UV levels enable the cultivation of blackcurrants with the highest Vitamin C and anthocyanin levels in the world.

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I have started using the Muscle Recovery product as of last week and have been overwhelmed with the results. Took one tablet one hour before a 20K+ run at the weekend and one post run. The course was rather hilly and the first difference I noticed was ease of breathe on the hills as well as increased stamina. Post run, there were no muscle pains whatsoever that day or on the following day. On shorter runs of 7K, recovery has been remarkable with no achilles or calf aches. I look forward to continuing use of this product as a support to training routines. Am well and truly sold on this product!!
Vidal Frasoon
Vidal Frasoon
Pawan Kumar Pawan Kumar
Pawan Kumar Pawan Kumar
Loving the Womens Health supplement! Great product - and I love that it's made right here in New Zealand! Proud to be buying local 👍 Thanks Vitality NZ team!
Nikki Beecroft
Nikki Beecroft
Perfect addition to my morning routine! Such a simple product has made all the difference in my daily life, 100% would recommend!
Victoria Erin
Victoria Erin
Absolutely LOVE Vitality products! I now have the whole family on them and couldn't recommend them more! 🙂
Fleur Truscott
Fleur Truscott